Villeurbanne, 12 April 2024 - During the EuroLeague match between LDLC ASVEL and Barcelona on Friday 12 April 2024, a new experience for hospitalized patients: live basketball in virtual reality !

Ciril GROUP, Infinity Nine Media and LDLC ASVEL have joined forces to offer patients at Lyon's Centre Léon Bérard a unique virtual reality experience.

Combining their strengths, their values and their desire to make basketball accessible to all, these committed players wanted to create a tailor-made virtual reality experience, "at the heart of the game".

A technical device has been devised to capture and immerse people in an event as close as possible to the professional team: a basketball fan who is unable to travel for medical reasons will be able to experience the EuroLeague game between LDLC ASVEL and Barcelona on Friday, April 12th.

This unique virtual reality device, set up for LDLC ASVEL's final game of the season at the LDLC Arena, is designed to make events accessible to people with medical or physical constraints that they would otherwise be unable to experience.


Eric Garcia, President Infinity Nine Media - "We're very proud to see Infinity Nine Media at the helm of this major project, embodying what guides our day-to-day actions: transmission and sharing. With this experience, we are putting technology at the service of causes and values we hold dear."

Tony PARKER, President of LDLC ASVEL and shareholder in Infinity Nine Media : "I'm delighted to see these synergies being created, supported by people I trust, with whom I share the values of solidarity and team spirit. This is an admirable project, in which I am proud to associate LDLC ASVEL and Infinity Nine Media."

Amaël GRIVEL, Chairman of the Board Ciril GROUP : "For 45 years, Ciril GROUP has been designing innovative technological solutions to improve the daily lives of millions of citizens. Getting involved in this project with a strong social and societal impact, alongside those who need it most, and surrounded by people we can trust, was an obvious choice."

Damien Sebileau, Directeur Général Adjoint du Centre Léon Bérard : "We are very touched by the attention, very proud to be associated with this ambitious and formidable experiment, very happy that patients of the IHOPe (Institut d'Hématologie Pédiatrique de Lyon, jointly managed by the Centre Léon Bérard and the Hospices Civils de Lyon) can see themselves bring a little joy to what are sometimes difficult journeys, and eminently convinced of the success of this project."



The most successful club in French basketball (20 French championship titles and 10 French cups), a permanent member of the EuroLeague, the most prestigious of European competitions, LDLC ASVEL has never left the elite of the French championship since its creation in 1948. Proud of its unique history, the club is constantly looking towards a modern and innovative future. Backed by a long-term naming partnership with LDLC, closely linked to the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy, an innovative school that combines passion, study and employment, and close to OL Groupe, which has acquired a stake in the club, LDLC ASVEL combines ambition and determination on a daily basis to become the benchmark for French basketball and one of the best in Europe.

LDLC ASVEL website: // Press contact at LDLC ASVEL: Bastien GIFFON - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 06 78 19 68 09.



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